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Mastering the Edit eCourse

  • Mastering the Edit eCourse
  • Mastering the Edit eCourse
  • Mastering the Edit eCourse
  • Mastering the Edit eCourse
  • Mastering the Edit eCourse

For the FIRST time.... I am offering this class as a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD of all ive weeks of material, including PDF's, videos, & a practice photo. Mastering the Edit {MTE} sold for $300-$500 in the past. This class has RETIRED, and only 100 copies of this class will be sold before this class is gone forever...

There is something about an image taking it from SOOC (straight out of camera) to a full edit, and doing it correctly. Photoshop is not for "fixing" mistakes, but to take that gorgeous shot to the next level. When I am shooting, I am visualizing what will be done in post processing to produce the final shot.

Are you ready to take your images from ordinary to extraordinary? From good to amazing? Then this class is for you! This is a 5 week class teaching you everything that I know. I am not claiming to be a Lightroom or Photoshop guru, but I will show you what I know and how I edit my images. If you like my style, then this is for you.

* This class is NOT just videos watching me edit or showing you how to use actions.

* This class WILL show you how to use Lightroom and Photoshop showing you how to hand edit, using the exact same steps that I use.

What will you learn?

Week 1:

* jpg vs. RAW - why shoot in RAW/what is RAW
* Color Space
* White Balance
* Lightroom's Library Module - How to import, make collections and mark your favorites {organizing}

Week 2:

* Lightroom's Develop Module
* Histograms and clipping
* White Balance/color - what looks right
* Step by Step editing in Lightroom
* Video watching me edit

Week 3:

* Importing into Photoshop
* Photoshop basics
* Layers
* Masking
* Adjustment Layers { levels, curves }
* Tools

Week 4:

* Skin tones - correcting
* Step by Step edits
* Video of me editing in PS
* Portraiture & Actions
* Fixing skin blemishes
* Re-sizing and sharpening for web

Week 5:

* Beyond the Basics - Advanced Photoshop skills
* Liquify
* Removing unwanted objects
* Heap Swaps
* Flipping an image
* Making the background look nice
* Black & Whites
* Making a template, storyboard and card
* WOW! Lots of fun stuff! These are basic guidelines for what we will be following, you will walk away with a tremendous amount of * information. By the end of this 5 week course, you will be confident in enhancing your own images and putting your own style to create the art you long for.

All your PDF's and videos will be given to you as DIGITAL DOWNLOADS. This means that you get to keep this material FOREVER!

See what past students have siad:

MTE was a very informative class! It has taught me so much about both programs. I was afraid of using Photoshop at first. There was so much to learn about it. But after taking this class I use both programs easily and every picture that is edited is taken from what I learned! It's an outstanding class and Heather is an amazing teacher!! Her feedback is very helpful and will also help with any questions after the course has completed. It's so much fun and definitely worth taking!! My images have changed in so many ways!! Thank you so much Heather!!! ~Pamela E.

MTE changed the way I look at photos, and opened doors for me that I never dreamt of passing through. This class provides an excellent foundation to boost your confidence and improve your photo editing abilities. Heather is a skilled and passionate teacher. ~Angela W.

Heather's Mastering the Edit class was an extremely helpful way to build my foundation for learning to edit my pictures. I loved her step by step instructions for a wide variety of editing situations. Additionally, she was always available to answer my questions. ~Jamie G.

Heather teaches in a very careful way. She is open to ideas and so willing to teach others. She is a wonderful source of information for both photoshop and lightroom processing! Well worth it - plus beautiful images by fellow photography nuts! ~Susanna S.

I took the MTS class with Heather. It was awesome! I have always been a fan of her work. Her instructions are easy to follow, and her feedback is fantastic. I am signed up for the MTE class and couldn't be more excited! ~Meggan Z.

This class is a must have for anyone looking to start their journey through photoshop! Heather is an extremely patient and knowledgeable teacher. The class teaches you everything from picking up the brush itself to turning your photo into a work of art. You will be amazed how transformed your images will be, even with your very best straight out of camera shot. After taking this course, I find myself wanting to edit every single photo I take. The course opens your eyes to what "could be". I cannot say enough wonderful things about this editing course and how it took my images to a whole new level! ~Missy L.

Mastering the edit was an amazing class! The combination of PDFs and videos was perfect! I loved beig an active participant and having heathers input on my editing as I learned! This class changed my photography so much because I could post process in a way I knew would enhance an already good shot! ~Amanda
I use the skills I learnt in Heather's class every single time I edit. The lessons are easy to follow, informative and have increased my knowledge tenfold. Highly valuable and very much recommended to anyone wanting to improve their editing and post processing skills. Heather has a lovely teaching manner and is very available to answer any questions after the course finishes. Thanks Heather! ~Charlotte

I took MTE so I could make my everyday pictures a little more special. I was so afraid photoshop would be too hard to learn, but Heather makes it so easy. Taking one of her classes also makes you part of her online Facebook pages, which has been great! I love that I can now takes pictures of my kids that I am proud of! ~Jessica W.

Heather was an amazing teacher in MTE, to say the least! She breaks things down and explains how to use lightroom and photoshop in a way that even those of us who are slow learners can easily understand. The class helped me get my foot in the door to post processing and take my images to a whole new level! I am so grateful to have taken it! Thanks, Heather! ~Christina S.

** ONCE PURCHASED, YOU WILL GET AN AUTOMATED EMAIL RIGHT AWAY TO DOWNLOAD YOUR FIRST WEEK. The other four weeks will be emailed to you within 24 hours. With all of the material and videos, the files were much too big to download from here.

For any assistance, please email me at heatherblairphotography@gmail.com